Introducing Our New Client

Since first opening our doors in 2008, Clear Vision Communications has developed into a business focused on growth, integrity, and adaptability. It was this mindset that provided us with years of success and the fortitude to withstand the harshest months of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve worked with small businesses throughout this time, and while we loved every minute of it, we’ve recently decided to branch out. Our new client is next-generation, meaning they are not only people-focused but big-picture-minded as well. What do we mean?

Instead of small businesses, we are now pioneering a retail campaign that partners with big-box retailers. We need to reach a broad audience, and it only makes sense to utilize spaces with high customer attendance. Our team works face-to-face with consumers and directly builds a relationship between them and our client. If we want to produce top results, we have to place ourselves in the best locations. As an adaptable business, we work to stick with the trends and stay updated on the leading ways to market our client’s product/service!

Now, to the question of the hour. Who are we working with? NRG Energy, Inc, one of the leading energy companies advancing toward a more sustainable future. While producing results and increasing productivity is imperative to our company’s success, what are we working for, if not a better tomorrow? We have decided to embark on this new partnership for two reasons. One, they are a company we can rely on. They work with integrity, go to bat for their customers, and are trustworthy. Two, they understand the value we bring to the table and are appreciative of our unique skill sets in customer acquisition. What more could we ask for?

We understand that change can be frightening and intimidating, and we didn’t make this decision lightly. However, if there is one thing that we learned throughout the past year, it’s that by standing together and betting on our team, we can achieve anything! We are done playing it safe and are eager to see what the future holds for our business, our team, and our community. NRG Energy, Inc is making waves, and we are proud to stand by their side as they work towards a healthier tomorrow, one customer at a time.

For years we have preached the importance of having a fearless mentality. Our client isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone, and neither are we. Together, we are going to drive results and be a dominating force here in Ohio. 

Now that we’ve made the official announcement, we are excited to share that we need more hands on deck. Our Clear Vision Communications’ recruiting team is currently working to find the best candidates. What are we looking for? Individuals who are self-motivated, great with people, and open to taking on leadership responsibilities once trained. If you would like to add your name to the running, we recommend you email or call 216-230-9356.

For a visual look at our new client announcement, watch this video!

A Guide to Exceptional Leadership

Leadership is defined as the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal. At Clear Vision Communications, we hold our leadership team to a high standard. From them, we encourage more than a motivating mindset; we want them to inspire. As a small business, we discuss growth almost daily. Our plan is for 2021 to be our most successful year yet. However, the only way to achieve this is to have exceptional leaders. We’re confident that our team is up to the task. Are you? 

Today, we’re going to discuss our guide to exceptional leadership. Hopefully, it inspires you to step up your game this year!

Be a master communicator

To lead, you have to connect with your people. The only way to do this is to be a master communicator. Explain to your team that you have an open-door policy and are always available if they need to talk. While this may seem like a lousy idea time-management-wise, you’ll be surprised how beneficial having open lines of communication are. To start, you’ll get a feel for how they think, which allows you the opportunity to train them better. You’ll also get an idea for the ins and outs of the office that, as a leader, you wouldn’t be privy to in most circumstances.

“You manage things; you lead people.” – Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

This quote sums up this leadership tip to a tee. You can’t disconnect from your people. You have to create relationships and build trust!

Put the needs of others first

An exceptional leader is selfless.

While your goals and self-care are important, it is essential that you are consistently putting your team’s needs first!

They need your guidance and will only grow if you give them the attention they need. Think of your team members as seeds. The goal is for them to grow into strong trees that are resistant to the wind’s strength. At first, they are going to need a ton of your time. You’ll have to water the seeds and protect them from animals. Eventually, they’ll require less and less of your attention. Your people need the same level of care until they are strong enough to become leaders themselves.

Show appreciation where it’s due

When you were first starting in your career, how great did it feel when your leader celebrated your achievements? We’re going to throw out a guess that you were on top of the world. It feels incredible when others recognize how hard you’ve been working and how quickly you’re hitting your goals. Now, it’s your turn to encourage others! Anytime one of your team members excel, whether it’s a big or small achievement, shout out their success for all to hear. The impact of this small gesture will work wonders!

There is a vast difference between being a leader and being an exceptional leader. At Clear Vision Communications, we only have time for the latter. Our goals are big, and we can’t let mediocrity and complacency block our progress. We hope these tips have inspired you to step up and do more for your people!

The Backbone Of Our Business: Meet Alicia Emmert

What a lot of organizations miss, which is absolutely detrimental to their scalability and long-term growth, is a powerhouse recruiting/human resources executive. There is nothing hinders the growth of business quicker than poor talent or no talent being onboarded into the company. Thankfully, due to the experience of Human Resources Recruiter Alicia Emmert, our company is blessed in that department and has experienced tremendous growth since her introduction to Clear Vision Communications!

Born in Erial, NJ, close to Philadelphia, Alicia was raised as the middle child of a really active family. Whether playing with her older brother or younger sister or excelling in soccer, dance, and cheerleading, she, from a young age, always went in with an open mind and gave things her best effort.

Fascinated by people, their behaviors, and their mindsets, Alicia chose a Psychology major while studying at Kutvtwon University,  which explains why she excels in the field of Human Resources. When asked what she enjoys most about her role, she replied, “I love seeing that it’s not someone’s educational experience or work background that determines if they’ll be successful, it’s who THEY are. Seeing people from all backgrounds thrive at Clear Vision Communications brings me a lot of joy. Being in human resources and recruitment has taught me to be even more open-minded to people and never judge a book by its cover. People will surprise you, and I love that.”

For the last 4+ years working in our industry, Alicia has helped clients and campaigns stretching from New Jersey, Rhode Island, Florida, Utah, California, and Pennsylvania, all the way to us here at Clear Vision Communications in Ohio! Her favorite thing about the team is how motivated and energetic everyone is, and that if you work for CVC, you’re GOING to learn something and gain GREAT skills, whether you’re employed for a month or a decade! She cites Stephen, Clear Vision Communication’s Founder, as a great leader and motivator himself, always keeping her in the loop of office happenings despite her position being remote!

Virtual work, though, has nothing on Alicia. She’s an expert at building relationships internally with our team and every potential job prospect she speaks with, even from a distance. Her systematic nature allows her to excel in such a self-regulated position,  so when asked, she offered some advice to those just transitioning to it: “Stick with a schedule and create a designated workspace that’s not your couch!”

When she’s not working and building an empire, you can find Alicia spending time with her French Bulldog, Beans, hiking, taking walks, learning from her Mom, playing Nintendo, or crafting. Regardless of distance, especially as we all evolve to the current #COVID19 times, Alicia remains a beacon of fellowship, leaving every person with her warmth & positive energy.


From Katy Perry’s Stage to Our Office: Meet Monet

Summer is here, and our team is feeling the warmth. Clear Vision Communications wants to take a moment to highlight Monet Alexander, a Senior Lead Solution Provider on our team. Alexander, who was born and raised in Ohio, joined our team in November of 2018. Want to know how she danced her way into our office? We’ll let her tell you.

How has your lifelong dancing career shaped your business mindset?

“Growing up being a competitive dancer from the ages of 2-18 years old traveling all across the US and internationally had the most influence over me. I was involved in dance, track, theatre, and cheerleading. Being involved with dance taught me that if you’re not winning, you’re losing. I learned to always bet on myself.”

What was your childhood dream job?

“I wanted to become a professional dancer, which I became when I cheered professionally with the Cincinnati Bengals and also dancing for the Cleveland Cavalier Girls. I had no idea I would end up in this field, but it has taught me so much personally and professionally. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without this career.”

Tell us about your college experience.

“I went to THE Ohio State University, where I received my BFA in Dance. I was a member of the UADT and was involved in fashion shows and charity events within the campus for all four years. Before joining the Clear Vision Communications team, I was the University of Akron’s dance team coach.”

What is one life experience that has shaped you?

“Being invited and selected to perform at the Prague Theatre in Europe. I grew up watching the greats perform and being invited to dance internationally was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I never thought that would be me. I was never the frontline girl.”

What is something we might not know just by looking at you?

“I have back up danced with Katy Perry, Ludicrous, 2 Chainz, Lil Jon’ and many more!”

What is your greatest skill?

“My greatest asset has always been my ability to maintain a positive attitude. I’m a very positive person in all aspects of life.”

What drew you towards the company?

“I loved the idea of betting on myself to reach my own success. We’re a BIG Family! I genuinely care about all of my colleagues and have so much respect for all of them. When I think of my coworkers I think of the saying “A team that hangs together, wins together.” That’s definitely us!”

What have you learned through your work that you didn’t know before?

“I learned how to be aware of others feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. People are so fascinating and we’re all so different, but I’ve learned to relate and understand all walks of life. I would say I’m universal. Every day, if I’m not leading and developing, I’m being developed myself, and I consistently share all knowledge given to me. I thrive on being better and sharing that with the ones I care for most.”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“I see myself being a wife, a mother, and able to give back to local charities in my neighborhood. I want to move around the country. “I’ve gotta go paint the town!”

As for her success, Monet Alexander thanks her mother, who has been a strong example of leadership and strength in her life. When she is not in the office, Monet can be found at the movies or exploring new restaurants in the area.