Take Back Your Time | Time Management Tips

Do you find yourself looking at what you accomplished throughout the day or week, only to feel like you didn’t make any progress in your work? With strong time management, you can take control of your day to allow for focus and success. At Clear Vision Communications, we train our team in management development, which often includes tips on time management like the ones below. We know that with a clear, organized day ahead, we are prepared for success.

Block Out Time in Your Calendar for Focus Time

As you work hard towards your goals, finishing up projects to meet a deadline, you might find that you are distracted by meetings and side conversations. There’s a way to put an end to distraction: block out time in your calendar for focus time. Whether physically on your Google Calendar or in your planner, make sure you intentionally put an hour or two for you to work without distraction or answering emails, purely so you can finish your work! 

Time Yourself

When it comes to efficiency and completing your task in a timely manner – time yourself! See how long it takes you to complete each task and see how you can cut time (without cutting quality and value of work) to work smarter, not harder. There is plenty of wasted time in your day, so timing yourself can help to tighten up your work.

Think about your day today. Were there any ways you could work quicker or organize yourself to be more efficient? Start timing yourself to get a good look at where you are spending your time on your tasks.

Batch Your Tasks

Task batching is a fun way to organize your tasks so that you are more efficient in your day. The goal of task batching is to group similar tasks together to complete in one time setting so you don’t switch gears too many times! Staying on track with one focus will help you to process what you are completing with full, undivided attention.

There have been reports or notions that multitasking can help you get more things done, but there is actually a point where doing too much at once negates productivity. Task batching tackles the notion of multitasking being distracting head-on so you’re able to let your brain work in its best capacity.

Take a Break

It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you are looking to do better with your time management, try taking a break. There have been studies that show taking breaks is actually beneficial. Every hour, take five to ten minutes to step away from your work and reset. With a clear mind, you can focus better and complete your tasks quicker!

While you are working between breaks, make use of your time working by removing distractions, ignoring any phone and social media alerts. Use your break time to call people back and check your social media for a quick brain reset. 

Take Control of Your Time

Time management is crucial in setting up your day for success. Taking the time to make good use of your time will ensure that you work smarter and provide you with the tools needed to advance your career. With these tips, we know you’ll take control of your time just like the team at Clear Vision Communications. Connect with us on LinkedIn for additional business tips to drive success and help you advance your career. 


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