Introducing Our New Client

Since first opening our doors in 2008, Clear Vision Communications has developed into a business focused on growth, integrity, and adaptability. It was this mindset that provided us with years of success and the fortitude to withstand the harshest months of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve worked with small businesses throughout this time, and while weContinue reading “Introducing Our New Client”

Theresa Kordella Promoted to Director of Operations

Theresa Kordella recently earned her fourth promotion here at Clear Vision Communications, serving now as the company’s Director of Operations. Theresa started as an Account Executive within the company back in 2007 after graduating from Bowling Green State. A bright, ambitious and energetic Journalism major, Theresa excelled naturally in direct marketing and sales consulting andContinue reading “Theresa Kordella Promoted to Director of Operations”

How To Avoid Failed Resolutions: A New Year’s Special!

We love New Year’s here at Clear Vision Communications, Inc! The opportunity to wipe the slate clean and work towards becoming our best selves is enticing. We start thinking in December what we’ll do better in the New Year – more sleep, cleaner eating, exercising more, nailing that promotion – and begin envisioning how nextContinue reading “How To Avoid Failed Resolutions: A New Year’s Special!”