Take Back Your Time | Time Management Tips

Do you find yourself looking at what you accomplished throughout the day or week, only to feel like you didn’t make any progress in your work? With strong time management, you can take control of your day to allow for focus and success. At Clear Vision Communications, we train our team in management development, whichContinue reading “Take Back Your Time | Time Management Tips”

My experience as a Clear Vision Communications intern

Landing a summer internship can be a long and grueling process for college students. Spending hours filling out applications and perfecting resumes while studying for finals and saying goodbye to friends is exhausting. After spending weeks doing just that this past spring, I still had not found an internship that lined up with my needs.Continue reading “My experience as a Clear Vision Communications intern”

Setting Goals and Reaching Them: Evan’s Story

At Clear Vision Communications, we believe in goal setting and pushing your limits. Lead Account Executive Evan Harris has been setting goals for himself and reaching them his whole life. Whether it was pushing himself on the football field, double majoring in college, or trying out something completely new, Evan has always sought opportunities toContinue reading “Setting Goals and Reaching Them: Evan’s Story”

Pushing her Limits: Alyssa’s Story

Clear Vision Communications, Inc. thrives on  the dedication of its employees and their passion for what they do. Lead Account Executive Alyssa Fortuna knows all about being dedicated and having the ambition and bravery to put herself out there and get the job done every day.   Growing up in Kirtland, Ohio, Alyssa was interestedContinue reading “Pushing her Limits: Alyssa’s Story”