Clear Vision Communications, Inc: It’s Tara’s Time!

In business, growth is everything; whether it’s growing your consumer base, the reach of your product/service or the talent of your team.  Without development, all businesses would ultimately fail. Luckily here at Clear Vision Communications, Inc. we’re led by an executive team who understands this basic principle and promotes internal and merit-based advancement for all team members! Behind all growth is a visionary, and with the recent announcement of our firm expanding yet again into Chicago, we wanted to introduce to you the fearless young woman catapulting this latest expansion!

Meet Tara Puffenberger: Nat Geo lover, Oprah’s biggest fan, and native of Scranton, Pennsylvania (for all you Office buffs out there)! We first met Tara back in August of 2014; wide-eyed, eager and a recent graduate from one of the most prestigious universities in Illinois. The child of two extremely athletic parents; her father a college soccer player and her mother a collegiate swimmer, Tara grew up with a ball always at her feet and ideals of discipline, accountability and team work instilled at a young age. Did we mention a high competitive spirit being the youngest of 4 children?!

Growing up playing soccer at a competitive level (fun fact – Tara played with 3 members of this years Olympic Women’s Soccer Team), she was scouted by numerous colleges for field hockey, ultimately choosing the University of Virginia and then Northwestern University on a free ride. Holding down a demanding school schedule in Business Management/Organization, marketing internships, AND being a student athlete, Tara came out of college as prepared as they come. Yet, graduation came and as skilled as she was, she struggled like most to find a company that offered entry level openings and didn’t require 3-5 years of experience in the workforce. After hearing about Clear Vision Communications, Inc. and our renowned Management Training Program, Tara found an opportunity that encompassed both her love of people and competition.

Fast forward 2 years and here we are writing about the completion of her Management Program and our client’s desire for her to represent them in Chicago. While it’s important to understand that our client is the vehicle for our office’s expansion, our team is the wheel that operates it. Without the relentless drive, dedication and ambition of Tara and her crew, none of this would be possible. So we asked her really quickly to tell us what helped her reach this Executive Management position just 2 years out of college and she told us that she lived “…as if the world is rigged for you[her].” Meaning everything is in your benefit, if you just look at it in the right light.

One thing we wanted to share about Tara that we value professionally is her commitment to results. She operates under the impression that nothing should be handed to her unless she worked for it and deserved it. She achieved this promotion at Clear Vision Communications, Inc. with a relentless grit to get the job done and always WOW the client. Personally, she’s our office’s biggest student, often binge watching the Discovery Channel, documentaries and the Oprah Network!

If she’s not at work she’s with her two pups at Chicago’s dog beach or catching some Big 10 games to cheer on her WildCats! Overall, she’s a gem of a person, an outstanding asset to our growing sales firm and most importantly a woman on a mission. As Oprah says, “when your life is on course with it’s purpose, you are most powerful” and Tara proves to us daily just how big her goals are.

To follow more about her and her team, be sure to add Clear Vision Communications, Inc both on Twitter Twitter and YouTube. We’ll be sure to share where all this powerhouse is taking our company and how far, so stay tuned!


The Difference Is Clear!

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