Take Back Your Time | Time Management Tips

Do you find yourself looking at what you accomplished throughout the day or week, only to feel like you didn’t make any progress in your work? With strong time management, you can take control of your day to allow for focus and success. At Clear Vision Communications, we train our team in management development, whichContinue reading “Take Back Your Time | Time Management Tips”

The Backbone Of Our Business: Meet Alicia Emmert

What a lot of organizations miss, which is absolutely detrimental to their scalability and long-term growth, is a powerhouse recruiting/human resources executive. There is nothing hinders the growth of business quicker than poor talent or no talent being onboarded into the company. Thankfully, due to the experience of Human Resources Recruiter Alicia Emmert, our companyContinue reading “The Backbone Of Our Business: Meet Alicia Emmert”

From Katy Perry’s Stage to Our Office: Meet Monet

Summer is here, and our team is feeling the warmth. Clear Vision Communications wants to take a moment to highlight Monet Alexander, a Senior Lead Solution Provider on our team. Alexander, who was born and raised in Ohio, joined our team in November of 2018. Want to know how she danced her way into ourContinue reading “From Katy Perry’s Stage to Our Office: Meet Monet”

Interviewing 101 with Clear Vision Communications

Whether you are searching for your very first job, getting back into the workforce, or changing careers, beginning the interview process can be a bit overwhelming. The good news is: you are not alone! We’ve all been in your shoes, and Clear Vision Communications has decided to share its best tips to ease the anxietyContinue reading “Interviewing 101 with Clear Vision Communications”