Preparing For Graduation

March is already halfway through. It’s hard to believe that time is passing so quickly. For those of you graduating this May, you know more than most how time can be both agonizingly slow and fast. One minute you’re walking campus for the first time, and the next, you’re preparing to walk across the stage.Continue reading “Preparing For Graduation”

Introducing Our New Client

Since first opening our doors in 2008, Clear Vision Communications has developed into a business focused on growth, integrity, and adaptability. It was this mindset that provided us with years of success and the fortitude to withstand the harshest months of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve worked with small businesses throughout this time, and while weContinue reading “Introducing Our New Client”

From Katy Perry’s Stage to Our Office: Meet Monet

Summer is here, and our team is feeling the warmth. Clear Vision Communications wants to take a moment to highlight Monet Alexander, a Senior Lead Solution Provider on our team. Alexander, who was born and raised in Ohio, joined our team in November of 2018. Want to know how she danced her way into ourContinue reading “From Katy Perry’s Stage to Our Office: Meet Monet”

Cheering on Casey 📣📣

Since our inception here at Clear Vision Communications in 2007 and subsequent move to Cleveland, there’s 2 things we’ve done incredibly well: 1) hire incredible talent, and 2) develop and aid in their professional growth & development. Each member of our team is extremely proud of the work we do for our clients and our clientsContinue reading “Cheering on Casey 📣📣”